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Our work

Grocery Brigade

This service is for immunocompromised individuals and their loved ones who need to limit their exposure to the community.

Groceries are hand selected for each particular family, packaged and brought to the family’s doorstep, always following social distancing and contactless delivery recommendations.


Nutrition Stations


In this Farmer’s Market style environment, individuals and families select their own perishable and non-perishable foods.  Food selection includes everything from fresh fruits and vegetables, spices and meats to basic household essentials.


We assist organizations with the creation of scalable, sustainable open-access nutrition stations in places where services are directly provided to cancer patients. We provide logistical and program development support based on your organization's goals, available space and anticipated need.

Admission Kits

CFFEIM has partnered local children’s hospitals to offer ready to use personal care kits for children and parents coming into the hospital for an unexpected stay without essential personal items such as toothbrush, skin care products and a light snack.


Holiday Bundles

During Thanksgiving and Winter Holiday seasons we work to bring the magic of the holidays to families in need.

For Thanksgiving with partner with community organizations to create a ready to prepare Thanksgiving dinner, including a turkey and wrap this offering  of groceries. 


For our Winter Bundle sharing, we seek to provide groceries to prepare a festive holiday meal as well as those needed routinely while adding in individualized gifts and special treats.

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Make a Donation

Your gifts go towards providing nutritionally dense foods to some of the most vulnerable neighbors in our communities. Individuals and families navigating food insecurity while facing life changing health conditions will not have to go hungry because of your generosity. 

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