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Where there is a need, we feed


The Center for Food Equity in Medicine, located in Flossmoor, IL,  provides nutritional support to those diagnosed with cancer and other life-altering health condition to ensure that no one undergoing care goes hungry. 



  • All are Welcome: We serve folks without question. We understand that health conditions change life circumstances and no one should feel shame for accessing our services.

  • Nutritious Food is Healthcare: We take a holistic view of health and wellness. One cannot be truly healthy without access to nutritious food and we are here to reduce barriers to  this critical asset.

  • Client-Centered Care: We are committed to meeting people where they are. Everyone deserves culturally-affirming food and an experience that respects their autonomy and maintains their dignity.

  • Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork: We set big goals knowing our team can achieve them through the commitment, hardwork and grit of our team. Anyone who volunteers, donates or engages with our organization is considered a team member.