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Where there is a need, we feed.

The Center for Food Equity in Medicine provides nutritional support to those diagnosed with a life-altering health conditions to ensure that no one undergoing care goes hungry.

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Pounds Distributed





Households Served

Individuals Served

All are welcome

We serve folks without question. We understand that health conditions change life circumstances and no one should feel shame for accessing our services.

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Nutritious food is health

We take a holistic view of health and wellness. One cannot be truly healthy without access to nutritious food and we are here to reduce barriers to  this critical asset.

Our Mission

We believe a keystone of health and wellbeing is quality food and nutritional support.

We are here to ensure that everyone, no matter their health status or ability to pay, has access to high-quality food.

Client-centered care

We are committed to meeting people where they are. Everyone deserves culturally-affirming food and an experience that respects their autonomy and maintains their dignity.

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Teamwork makes the dreamwork

We set big goals knowing our team can achieve them through the commitment, hardwork and grit of our team. Anyone who volunteers, donates or engages with our organization is considered a team member.

“ These groceries help us make it through the month.We appreciate everything.”
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Make a Donation

Your gifts go towards providing nutritionally dense foods to some of the most vulnerable neighbors in our communities. Individuals and families navigating food insecurity while facing life changing health conditions will not have to go hungry because of your generosity. 

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