Mr. Clifford M. Wilborn


Mr. Clifford M. Wilborn has more than 25 plus years of project management and leadership experience across a broad spectrum of areas within government and military sectors.  For the past several years, Clifford worked in various Defense Health Agency (DHA) program management offices following retirement in from active-duty military service.  In August 2020, Clifford transitioned to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) detailed to the Federal Electronic Healthcare Modernization (FEHRM) Office as Program Manager for Joint Sharing Site where he is responsible for the program workstream oversight and management. As a Board Member of the Center for Food Equity in Medicine, he brings a wealth of experience from his positions in various civic and community organizations.  Additionally, Clifford earned a M.S. in Management from the Naval Postgraduate School and M.A.S.S. with a Concentration in Public Administration from Florida A&M University.  Additionally, he received his B.S. undergraduate degree from Savannah State University. 

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